This is InfinitePractice

Billing and claims management, online patient scheduling,
statements, digital archiving, and electronic documentation.
All in one package.

More than just practice management.

As a practice, you do more than just see patients. That’s why InfinitePractice helps you manage digital scanning, EOBs, run reports, track inventory, and handle the day-to-day of running a modern practice.

Patient self scheduling.

A practice management system that helps you see more patients. Instead of only taking appointments during regular office hours, show available appointment times on your website and have your patients schedule themselves online anytime.

Fully customizable.

Every practice is different. InfinitePractice was built from the ground up to be fully customizable to how you run your office. Customize charges, worksheets, calendars, and even customize what kind of appointments you prefer to see during different parts of the day.

Cloud-based access from anywhere.

Manage multiple providers, multiple practices, and patient access, all through one system. Cloud storage means your data is stored with bank level security online, and is available anywhere you are.

Manage your practice with integrated patient management, scheduling, billing,
claims management, on-demand reporting, and mobile patient scheduling.

We empower offices with cutting-edge practice management software to make the most of their time and services. That’s why businesses trust InfinitePractice with thousands of patient records and millions of dollars a year in annual claims.

Scheduling that you can access from any device, including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. Schedule seamlessly in-office and online with fully synched calendars. Simplify your back office with tools that help prepare and track claims, receivables, statements, and much more!

A practice management system that is ideal for medical practices, behavioral health practices, and chiropractic offices. A visual, touchable interface lets you instantly monitor your patient and payer data. Manage your practice from anywhere with an internet connection.

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