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InfinitePractice Release Notes 2013

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September 27, 2013, 12:01:25 AM
What’s new:
– Fix for statement generation bug where some users would get an exception if they tried to create statements after listing patients more than once.
– Added a new Charge Insurance checkbox to the Edit Invoice Charge screen. This will now allow users to define whether a particular charge should be claimed to a payer or just charged to the patient. This should help with scenarios where patients offer to cash pay for certain procedures, or the payment responsibility needs to be manually overridden.
– Added a new Active checkbox to the Edit Invoice Charge screen. This option gives users an alternative way to Activate and Inactivate charges. The old method of using the blue X can still be used to inactivate charges in preferred.
– If an invoice payer is changed from a self pay to an insurance payer, the user will now be prompted to update any existing procedure charges that are currently being charged to the patient, to be ones that would now be charged to insurance.
– Inversely, If an invoice payer is changed from an insurance payer to self pay, the user will now be prompted to update any existing procedure charges that are currently being charged to the insurance, to be ones that would now be charged to the patient.

August 18, 2013, 01:55:46 AM
What’s new:
– Tweaks to better support 5010 claims
– Updates to how providers are loaded on the patient screen
– Fixed bug where claim segments would occasionally have the wrong counts
– Patient chart number can now be set to NEW in order for the system to generate a new chart number
– New Account Parameters screen. Allows customization per practice and provider.
– New certificate used to sign code
– Patient Appointments report – fixed bug where calendars with a comma character would not show
– Scheduler: darkened unscheduled times and raised contrast on blocks to help with identification
– Added comment field to Provider record
– Other various minor bug fixes


1. Run InfinitePractice. Right click anywhere and select “Remove this application”
2. You should automatically be taken to
3. In the lower-left, click “Install InfinitePractice”. At the prompt click Install.

That’s it! This will replace the shortcut on your desktop and start menu.

June 28, 2013, 02:42:13 AM
What’s new:
– Updated communication layer for better performance
– HL7 interface improvements
– Minor bug fixes and tweaks

If you receive an error when logging in, click OK and wait until the application prompts you to update. Close the application and re-open it and you will be able to log in.

June 01, 2013, 01:52:53 AM
What’s new:

– Users can now Preview the worksheets they are currently editing.
– Fixed bug where users without Statement access would told they don’t have access to statements upon opening a patient record.
– Fixed bug where the Attachment Folder Watcher would fail if an inaccessible folder was selected. Now it warns the user instead.
– Fixed bug where statement batches failed when being generated.
– Fixed Sevocity connectivity issue.
– Updated servers to .NET 4.5

May 20, 2013, 08:16:02 AM
What’s new:

– Added ability to retrieve ERA files from clearinghouse
– Added ability to create an ERA report from files received
– Added HL7 processor to allow interfacing with other systems
– Added fields to better support HL7 interfacing
– Added ability to print all encounter and worksheet data for a patient between a given date range
– Payer now shows address line 2
– Fixed bug with worksheet editor where cancelling an edit would then prevent saving
– Procedure search now shows code type
– Diagnosis search now shows code type
– Fixed bug in diagnosis where code type ID would not update
– Added security restriction where user can now only access calendars for providers they have access to
– Ability to easily clone user profiles
– Note Reason search now shows Group Key and Entity Key for better identification of types
– Appointment reminders now have a default start and end date
– New practices now have a default patient name format of Last, First Middle (can still be customized)
– When viewing an appointment, clicking on the patient name will now prompt to save the changes to the appointment
– Fixed bug where setting the Active flag on a Worksheet Item would not update
– Wording updated for reset password screen
– Updated patient chart history logging
– Patients now receive an email with their new appointment info if an email address is entered online
– further development for our upcoming EMR product
– Other various minor bug fixes

March 08, 2013, 12:25:14 AM
A new version of InfinitePractice has been released. This release includes:

– Underlying preparation towards future EMR functionality
– Minor feature improvements
– Minor bug fixes

This release may break older installations of the application. Please make sure you are running version 2013.03.07.23. If not,
1. Run the application
2. Right click anywhere on the screen an click “Remove this application”
3. Go to
4. Use the link in the lower left to install the application