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Mac Install Instructions

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Step 1 – Install Microsoft Silverlight
Click the link and follow the instructions to install the latest version of Silverlight.


Step 2 – Go to
Open the Safari web browser (if it’s not already open), and go to If the browser prompts you to allow using Silverlight, select Use Every Time.

Step 3 – Open Preferences
In the top left of your screen click the Safari menu item (next to the apple menu) and select Preferences.

Step 4 – Enable Plug-Ins
Choose the Security tab and ensure Allow Plug-Ins is checked. Click the Plug-in Settings… button.

Step 5 – Enable Silverlight for InfinitePractice
In the Plug-In Setting screen, ensure Silverlight is checked. Also ensure the button in the listing for is set to On. You can click the button and choose On to change it. We will use this same button in a moment to access a hidden menu. (You may see other websites listed than the ones in the screen shown below. Ignore those.)

Step 6 – Disable Safe Mode for InfinitePractice
We need to allow InfinitePractice to install itself onto your machine as well as allow for some additional features. In order to do this, we will turn off Run in Safe Mode using a menu item that has been hidden by Apple. First locate the Option key on your keyboard between Control and Command keys, under the Z key.

While holding the Option key, click the On button next to the listing.

The context menu that appears should now show an additional option titled Run in Safe Mode. If it is checked, click it to uncheck it and turn off Run in Safe Mode.

You will be asked to Trust Click Trust. Afterwards you should see a warning at the bottom of the screen warning you about safe mode being turned off.

Click Done, close the Preferences screen and refresh your browser window to reload Your screen show look something like this:

Step 7 – Install InfinitePractice on your computer
We now have InfinitePractice running in your browser. There are certain features, however, that require the application to be installed in order to work. In InfinitePractice, click the blue link located on the bottom left of the screen labeled Install InfinitePractice on this computer.

You will get a Publisher: Unverified warning. Click Install.

You will see an message stating the Application Downloaded. Click Open Downloads Folder.

Your Downloads folder should now contain the InfinitePractice application. Drag the InfinitePractice file into your Applications folder that should be listed to the left of it.

Select the Applications folder and locate InfinitePractice. Right-click (click using two fingers) on the file and choose Open. (Right-clicking and selecting Open is necessary to run the application the first time.)

Since this application was downloaded from the internet, you will be warned before opening the application. Click Open. InfinitePractice should now be running on your computer and can now be accessed any time from the Applications folder.

Final Step – Add the icon to your macOS dock
Once InfinitePractice is running, you can right-click (click using two fingers) on the icon in the dock and select Options, Keep in Dock. Now the application can be access from the dock any time. Congratulations, you’re done!


How To Uninstall InfinitePractice
Run InfinitePractice and right-click (click using two fingers) anywhere on the screen. You should see a menu option to Remove InfinitePractice from this computer.

InfinitePractice Release 2017.04.15.08

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What’s new:

  • Providers are now sorted by Full name (not last, first)
  • Added ability to set a default encounter reason for Advanced Demographics
  • Added ability to automatically save the default encounter reason when using Advanced Demographics.
  • Added new worksheet item type: Pick Many (Stacked)
  • Added new worksheet item type: Section Instructions
  • Fixed issue where Providers screen was requiring an address and phone number for all providers.

InfinitePractice Release 2017.02.03.16

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What’s new:

  • Invoices can now be marked as Corrected Claim to notify payers of resubmitted claims
  • Fixed an issue where entering an address or phone number for a new provider was causing an error
  • Chart Numbers can now be generated based on patient default facility
  • Default facility field added to patient
  • Added preparations to support linking to a customizable advanced demographics screen
  • Added preparations to support relating family members to a Head of Household

InfinitePractice Release 2016.07.23.23

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Please note: If you receive a login error regarding Roles and AccountID, please disregard the error as this just means you tried to log in before the auto update had time to complete. Once the update is automatically downloaded, you will be prompted to restart the application at which point your login should work as normal.

What’s new:

  • Users can now search within patient names by using a * in the search. So searching *chelle with match Chelle and Michelle. This also includes alias name.
  • Patient search now includes alias name and middle name.
  • The patient search screen now lists all patients sorted by last name then first name, regardless of last update date.
  • Added Publish Date to worksheets to allow worksheet to be published on a specific date.
  • Worksheets now show a message if old responses exist to questions that are no longer associated with the worksheet.
  • Added ability for practices and accounts to create custom Security Roles.
  • Added additional security checks.
  • Updated data communications technology.
  • Added preparations to support ERAs.
  • Added preparations to support eligibility verification.
  • Added preparations for better validation within worksheets.
  • Added several database preparations for upcoming features.
  • Fixed a bug where linking to a claim now navigates to the appropriate section when opening a claim.
  • Fixed a bug where Printing Batches was causing an issue when rendering reports.

InfinitePractice Release 2015.11.28.14

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What’s new:
– Added security token to restrict access to the Add Provider button in patient demographics. Now, only users with access to the SettingsProviderAdd token will be allowed to add a provider from the patient demographics screen.
– Added the “Patient – Add Provider” role to allow any users requiring access to add providers from the patient demographics screen.

InfinitePractice Release 2015.10.31.22

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What’s new:
– This is primarily a reliability and stability update. There are no new user-facing features or visual updates as part of this build.
– Save operations are now sent as a batch. This addresses an issue where some Mac devices were having issues on save. This should help improve overall saving performance across the board.
– Updated WCF Data Services communication technology to version 5.6.4
– Increased field lengths for Claim Templates to allow for longer element and segment dependencies.
– Added tables to support future reporting features.
– Tweaked auto-scaling settings to improve system availability and performance.

InfinitePractice Release 2015.09.29.00

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What’s new:
– Optimized querying of diagnosis codes
– Increased database connection timeout values to prevent errors
– Fixed the way long ICD-10 codes are displayed
– Fixed issue where server was logging based on UTC time instead of Central Standard Time

We have recently made a large investment in moving to a new datacenter, and we are continuing to monitor system performance and stability. As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues. We are here to serve you!

ICD-10 Converter App available now

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The upcoming ICD-10 transition is just around the corner, and we have recently created a complete pocket assistant to help you make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. With a full copy of BOTH ICD-CM catalogs, this will be the only app you need to help you be prepared for the transition and reduce the risk of delayed reimbursements.

– Convert ICD-9 to ICD-10 and ICD-10 to ICD-9
– See if an ICD code mapping is an EXACT MATCH versus an APPROXIMATE MATCH
– Mapping data provided by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS/CDC)

– See sample code combination scenarios for new ICD codes
– See additional info such as which disease states each code INCLUDES and EXCLUDES.
– See which ICD-10 codes are considered NON-BILLABLE.
– Updated to include the latest 2015-2016 ICD-10-CM codes.

– Works 100% offline. No internet connection necessary.
– Compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

Download it today!

InfinitePractice Release 2015.09.27.16

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What’s new:
– Connects to new cloud hosting provider to improve stability and reliability
– Now includes full set of ICD-10 codes
– Smarter diagnosis code searching when searching by numeric codes
– Updated CMS1500 form to include Payer Name for Medicaid secondary cliams